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Lessons learned in Software Testing


Today I left work early, the electric power went out at 2 PM. To have something to excuse myself for leaving early I brought a book from the company library (actually, a single shelf :). The title is Lessons learned in Software Testing.

Scanning it quickly it seemed to have some valuable insights, that is why I brought it with me. After reading a good part of it, I think that if you work with QA / Testing of software this is a must-read. Now, I’m a programmer, but I like food for thought in how to make software engineering better.

The first thing I learned from the book is that I am not a very good tester. I do optimistic testing. I only check that things when used as intended do sensible things. That is of course useful, but, testing how things work when used in different ways than intended is often more interesting.

There are 11 Chapters with small page-sized lessons:

All in all there are 293 lessons together in the chapters, and that on 245 pages. The way the book is written, one should probably pick it up again and again to compare it to the reality you work in. Some lessons I did not understand now will probably appear much more sensible once I have experienced the situation and the problems.