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Erlang coverage integration


So I am trying to set up a sweet automatic test setting for an Erlang codebase. The tools are in OTP already. There is cover for coverage analysis. There is eunit for running unit tests xUnit-style. There is make for compiling.

But it is not that simple to Just Use It™. I’m diving into the source for make.erl to see if there is some hidden feature to make it cover-compile my erl files for me. If it does not, then I will have to use plain old Makefiles to compile instead.

The slightly frightening application ct seem to be able to build and run test suites and generate reports. There is at least some kind of integration with cover in ct.

I just wish I could find some code that uses Common Test already.

Oh. And dialyzer should be included in this build process as well.

Lots of infrastructure setup… :/

Update: Perhaps the extensible build system and a collection of templates could be what I want.