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Common Test progress


Another day, a little bit wiser than yesterday.

Apparently other people have been blogging about erlang’s common test. And he’s much more succinct than me.

Also: Copying common_test and test_server from the installed erlang, and the version suffixes are already there. I have coverage working on emock. It just worked. Temporarily I installed common_test like this (current working directory in the emock checkout topdir):

	$ mkdir etc etc/log
	$ cd etc
	$ cp -a /opt/erlang-R12B-5/lib/erlang/lib/common_test-1.3.4 .
	$ cp -a /opt/erlang-R12B-5/lib/erlang/lib/test_server-3.2.4/ .
	$ ./common_test-1.3.4/ $PWD

Then run make test and the coverage reports are there. And that is how far I got tonight.